Welcome to the home of GB7CD and GB7RB Digital Repeaters 
GB7CD (B) Was Wales first Licenced Icom D-star Repeater (user RX 439.700 – TX 430.700) it is based in Cardiff and launched in mid 2008.

GB7RB (C) Is Wales second Icom D-Star Repeater ( user RX 145.675 – TX 145.075). The Repeater is sited in St Hilary (Cowbridge) and was installed June 2015 having previously been sited in Llantrisant and Brackla.

As a visitor to this site, we hope you will find useful information about our repeaters.

Our Aim is to promote Dstar*, within the Bristol Channel and South Wales Area,

All are welcome, to access the Website and DV Repeaters. 

We welcome donations towards the upkeep of the GB7CD and GB7RB Repeaters.

We hope you have a pleasant experience whilst operating our repeaters, if you have any issues please contact us via the contact tab on this website.


Like any voluntary organisation we need funding to keep our services running.

Whilst it is not, and never will be, a requirement to donate to our group to use any of our services.

We would kindly ask that you consider making a donation to assist with the upkeep of our network.

Donating can assist us in moving forward with technology and in turn provide you the user with more facilities or enable us to add enhancments to current services.

Everything comes at a cost and the ongoing costs of providing these services fall to our group.
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